What to do in Beaujolais
during our holidays in France

The Beaujolais is full of activities, during our holidays in France, we have made a selection of activities nearby

A luxuriant nature

The Pierres Dorées area is full of breathtaking landscapes.

Indeed, this area of the Beaujolais is particularly marked by a luxuriant nature; whether it is green mounts, forests or fields of vines; the change of scenery will be there!

For a walk, a hike or even a mountain bike ride, the Pierres Dorées have everything to please.

randonnée dans les vignes du Beaujolais lors du séjour yoga rando aux Meublés des Pierres Dorées

Le Géopark Beaujolais

During our holidays in France, Beaujolais has been recognized as a “UNESCO Global Geopark” since 2018. This label recognizes the Beaujolais region as a remarkable geological heritage. “For UNESCO, within the framework of the Geopark label” a site can be qualified as a geosite with regard to its scientific interest, its rarity, its educational scope, its aesthetic value. Sites of ecological, archaeological, historical and cultural significance must necessarily be included as additional geosites as representing intangible geological heritage. Actions to protect and enhance sites of geological interest are being developed there in connection with the natural and cultural heritage of the territory, in a participatory approach by local populations “.

The Geopark Beaujolais organizes events regularly.

During our holidays in France, come visit our villages of character and discover our land.

Oingt, a village in the municipality of Val d’Oingt, is classified as the most beautiful village in France. Oingt is located 3 minutes from Theizé en Beaujolais. Oingt offers a panoramic view of Theizé and the surrounding Beaujolais vineyards. We provide you with walking routes.

Discover the history of our region, our splendid landscapes with the air of Tuscany, discover our surrounding castles: castle of Rochebonne, castle of Rapetour, castle of Jarnioux, castle of Bagnols …

randonnée lors de notre séjour yoga rando dans le beaujolais lors d'un séjour bien être
balade lors de notre séjour yoga rando après un moment de détente et de repos dans le spa et sauna des gites des Pierres Dorées à Theizé

The region

The Pierres Dorées is a sweet corner of the Beaujolais region, full of wonders! Indeed, this area of Rhône-Alpes has a rich heritage: castles, villages of character, vineyards, exceptional wines, hiking and mountain bike trails…

This corner of the Beaujolais region is also full of craft skills. The village of Oingt, not far from our flats, is classified as the most beautiful village in France. This typical village of the Pierres Dorées will make you discover the local art; the surrounding villages have nothing to envy it.

place du village de Theizé lors de la réunion de famille dans les gites de charme des Pierres Dorées

The Castle

The Rhône-Alpes region is a land of castles, and the Pierres Dorées region has many medieval buildings with a variety of architectural styles. In Theizé alone, you will find 5 castles or strongholds, with of course the best known being the Château de Rochebonne, the Château de Cruix and the Château de Rapetour. Not to mention those in the surrounding area such as the castle of Bagnols, the castle of Jarnioux, the castle of Montmelas…

Each has its own architecture and fascinating history. For a cultural or sporting holiday, a romantic weekend or a stay with friends or family, the heritage and the land of the Pierres Dorées will amaze you.

Whether it’s the beauty of the golden landscapes, the green hills or the hectares of vineyards, the Beaujolais region is full of wonders to see, to walk, to eat and to drink, which call you to adventure!

Shops in Theizé

Theizé, has various local shops, whether it is a restaurant, a grocery store, a bakery or a beauty salon. The village of Theizé is ideally located 10 minutes from Villefranche and 30 minutes from Lyon, which will give you access to all amenities: bar, shopping center, pastry shop, gym, bowling, paintball, golf …

Sports and leisures during our holidays in France

Due to its location in Rhône-Alpes, Theizé is thus close to various activities: mountain biking, quad biking, 2Cv rides, from electric bicycles to horseback rides, to microlight and hot-air balloon flights; one thing is certain, you will find what you are looking for and you will not be bored in Beaujolais. Oingt, classified as the most beautiful village in France, is one of the jewels of the Pays des Pierres Dorées, where winegrowers and craftsmen cultivate terroir and creation together; at the bend of a hike, discover these red ocher facades, these cobbled streets with Rabelaisian names and these stalls of potters, painters; which have retained all their medieval authenticity.

The caves

Beaujolais is a vineyard that is too little known for its great wines; we have therefore selected the best vineyards in the region for you. For a wine tasting, a visit to the vineyards or even the discovery of winemaking, these Rhône-Alpes winegrowers will be happy to show you their exploitation. You will be able to taste great PDO wines (red, rosé or white wines), you will inevitably find a cuvée with stunning aromas.

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